About kang-chyau


KANG CHYAU INDUSTRY CO., LTD. provides expert plastic bag technology services to the world’s soft packaging market. Since its founding in 1988, the company has upheld its research and development concept of “staying close to the needs and demands while improving manufacture process” to continue the improvement and production of high quality blown film machines as well as whole plant plastic bag machinery and equipment, which ultimately allows us to meet the customized demands of clients in terms of being energy-saving, high output, low noise output, maintain work safety and other aspects.


KANG CHYAU emphasizes a stable relationship with its clients, not just focusing on sales of products. We are passionate in the pursuit of upgrading and surpassing blown film technology. We dare to change, improve manufacture processes, raise product values in order to create innovative machines that lead the market and help you mold perfection.

-Customized service that meets clients’ demands

-Innovative technologies leading the industry

-Quality is the absolute essential guarantee

-Comprehensive after-sale services for peace of mind

KANG CHYAU’s blown film machines and whole plant equipment are ready to mold the future with you.

Due to having command of the innovative development of blown film technology and composite plastic materials, KANG CHYAU consists diverse, multi-functional machines, which includes: high and low density high speed plastic blown film machine, PE film blown film machine, two color high speed plastic blown film machine, two-layer high speed plastic blown film machine, twin head blown film machine, three-layer blown film machine, P.P. high speed blown film machines and others. With accumulated sales of these machines at over 8,000 and found in 62 countries/regions around the world, KANG CHYAU has established a stable and robust brand reputation.

KANG CHYAU’s insistence on quality is reflected in the details. The primary machine axes are of SKF manufacture from Sweden, while the electromagnetic switches utilize France’s TELEMECANIQUE and the cogs of the main extrusion machines are precisely grinded. All these qualities combined to provide precision blown film machines that are quiet and are highly stable. The smooth and seamless high quality films raises the competitiveness for our clients’ products, allowing them put their trust in KANG CHYAU in return.